Suhaga Chokia | Calcined Borax

Borax, Tanka, Dravaka, Veligatam, Ponkaram, Suhaga, Sodium tetra borate decahydrate, Tankana.

Suhaga Chokia | Calcined Borax - 1 Kg

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Products Description

Suddh Suahaga is known as Tankana in Ayurveda and Borax in English. It is available in crystalline form and has various therapeutic properties that might help improve health.

Benefiits of Suhaga Chokia:

  • As per Ayurveda, Suddh Suhaga bhasma along with honey helps manage cough and cold by loosening mucus due to its Ushna and Kapha balancing properties. It also helps to control bloating as it improves the digestive fire because of its hot potency. Consuming Suddh Suhaga Bhasma might also help to control urinary tract infections due to its antimicrobial property.
  • Applying Suddh Suhaga along with coconut oil or honey or lemon juice helps control dandruff, skin infections, and warts due to its Tikshna (sharp), Ruksha (dry) and Kshara (alkaline) properties.
  • It is advisable to use Suddh Suhaga along with coconut oil if you are applying it on your scalp due to its hot potency

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