Sang e Jarahat | Soap Stone

Hydrated magnesium silicate

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Products Description

Sang-e-Jarahat is a soft rock that consists mostly of rock but contains other minerals such as chlorite and thermolite. Crystals and iron compounds are also included in the form of alloys. That is why it is found in different colors. Since these compounds are also found in poison ivy, some people consider poison ivy to be a type of soapstone uses. Soapstone can be found in five different colors, white, light blue, beige, yellow, and greenish-white.

Soapstone (Sang-e-Jarahat benefits) is rare in the market today. On-demand, the grocers give the talc instead of the stone. As a result, the identification of Sang-e-Jarahat is becoming more and more controversial, and it is becoming more and more common to soapstone uses drugs that have real names but are alternative or similar.

Talc is an important source of magnesium, which is made up of silica and magnesium. Face and talcum powder is made by grinding it. It is formed when there are changes in magnesium rocks due to friction, pressure, and heat. Sang-e-Jarahat is very soft and white in color. This mineral can be scratched with nails. It has a pearly luster in its white color. The crystals of Sang-e-Jarahat are semi-transparent and the buds are opaque. When broken, it breaks into straight lines.

Soapstone, as the name implies, has been used since ancient times to stop bleeding from wounds. Due to its softness, it moisturizes and dries the wounds. Sang-e-Jarahat has also been used along with buttermilk when bloody diarrhea is occurring. It is used to make toothpaste and skin lotions as well.

Sang-e-Jarahat benefits 

  • Improves general wellness
  • Good for digestive system care
  • Strengthens heart
  • Strengthens brain
  • Alleviates fever and respiratory problems
  • Good for liver health
  • Cures piles and urinary tract infections
  • Good for bone and joint care
  • Treats internal bleeding

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