Kahruba | Kaharwa | Succinum | Pinus succinifera Linn.

Arabic Name : Misbah al room, Kahrabaa, Kaarabaa | English Name : Succinum, Amber, Baltic Amber | French Name : Succinite | German Name : Bernstein | Gujarati Name : Kerba, Kahruba | Hindi Name : Kahruba, Kaharwa | Latin name : Pinus succinifera ... Read More

Kahruba | Kaharwa | Succinum | Pinus succinifera Linn. - 250 Gram

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Kahruba | Kaharwa | Succinum | Pinus succinifera Linn. - 50 Gram

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Kahruba | Kaharwa | Succinum | Pinus succinifera Linn. - 100 Gram

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Kahruba | Kaharwa | Succinum | Pinus succinifera Linn. - 500 Gram

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Kahruba | Kaharwa | Succinum | Pinus succinifera Linn. - 1 Kg

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Products Description

Amber and ambergris are only related by the fact that both wash up on the beaches. Ambergris is the waxy aromatic substance created in the intestines of sperm whales (see Ambra grasea) whereas Amber is a fossilized resin secreted by the now extinct pine tree formed in the Eocene period about 50 million years ago. It is considered to have cardiac tonic, diuretic, emmenogogue, lithotriptic and sedative properties.

Since ancient times Amber was known and valued both by the Persian and Arabs. Avicenna (Ibn Sina) considered Amber as a remedy for many health disorders. It regulates the heartbeat and strengthens the heart. Useful in palpitation, anxiety, insomnia, stress, forgetfulness and nervous system disorders like insanity and melancholia. Stops haematemesis and is also useful in epistaxis. Stimulates menstruation. It is considered effective for disturbed emotions caused by stress. Aids in blood circulation and is used in cases of coronary heart disease.

Recommended Dosage : 1 to 2 g fine powder (mehlool).

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