Gond Katira | Tragacanth gum

Gond Katira is an important part of the Ayurvedic system due to its medicinal properties. It has been used from ancient times as a cure for various diseases like cough and dysentery. On soaking in water, it changes its appearance from being ... Read More

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Products Description

Gond katira, a crystalline herb, could be easily found in most Indian kitchens until a few decades ago. The present generation would have heard the name from their grandmothers in the passing, but would not really know much about it. Also known as Tragacanth gum, it is obtained from the sap of plants also found in India called gond or locoweed. It naturally emanates from the root and the stem from where it is collected and dried to form crystals. It has amazing dual properties of cooling the body in the summer and heating it during the winter. 

Gond katira has many health benefits and consuming it daily can help keep a lot of health issues at bay.

  1. Maintaining a good digestive system
  2. Curing dehydration/treating heat-strokes
  3. Boosting immunity and recovery 
  4. Beneficial for skin health 
  5. Regain strength post pregnancy
  6. Extensive use in the food industry


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