Ghariqun | Larch agaric | Polyporus officinalis

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Ghariqun, Polyporus officinalis, Gare koon, Gharekoon

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Products Description

The Ghariqun is an important purgative fungus, used in Unani System of Medicine since ancient Greece period. Botanically it is Polyporus officinalis Fries, grows on trunks of many Coniferous trees, particularly on the stem of Larix species. 

  • It is indicated in depression with disinclination to physical and mental exertion with aching in all joints
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces the aching, dullness, heaviness, tightness with aggravated and light dizzy pain in the head
  • Reduces the sore gums, and the bitter, sweet, metallic and coppery taste in the mouth
  • Effective remedy for abdomen which feels full and rumbles with cutting pain and epigastrium with distress in umbilicus
  • Relives the liver from the sharp pain in the region of spleen with heavy pain after passing stool in the morning
  • Helps to digest the food and controls the stool that is constipated and passes dry stool then lumpy and sometimes mixed with blood
  • Remedy for reducing the pain the neck, back and joints which is rheumatic and arms and legs are weak with lancination in the hip joint that extends to knees and thighs

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